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Welcome and introduction of ECS Ethiopia and seminar plan

Our seminar will cover many of cyber security topics CISOs around the world face today and will probably be the landscape of cyber security in the next few years. Topics like SOAR to move toward more automated processes and repetitive cyber operations, Privacy regulations with the uprising GDPR in Europe and the California Privacy Act in the US and many others around the world, and numerous CISO executive training programs that bring many new and surprising talents to hold the CISO position. These are just a few of these topics, however they are most likely to be the ones to fill out the CISO’s work day in 2019.

Cyber as enabler of business growth engines including mobile banking and social media

A wise man once said: “If IT is your gas paddle, then IT Security is your breaks paddle”. This indeed was true until not too many years ago, but looking at the challenges organizations face after 2020, IT Security and Cyber Security can no longer play the card of FUD – Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, we must find a way to enable security in businesses as they run faster than any decade before. In this part of the day we will take a glimpse at the very near future of technologies and analyze the landscape of opportunities cyber professionals now have to make them a business growth engine and even the competitive edge of their innovative organizations.

10:45 – 11:00

11:00 – 11:45
Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR)

After the break we will take a deep dive into the first SOAR project in a US Government that was recognized by the EC-Council in Atlanta back in 2016 and awarded Mr. Heffer with the Innovative Security Project of the Year award. Today in 2019 we see how the Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) approach became a commodity for CISOs with the proven efficiency and effectiveness of the detection and response layers of security. Mr. Heffer will share from his experience with many organizations around the world of how to make your cyber team small and efficient and mostly constantly happy with their work.

11:45 – 12:30
Compliance focus moving from security to privacy – latest developments

For 3 decades the world of information security faced the risks of CIA – Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of information. Legislators and regulators addressed these 3 main concerns and the field of privacy and data privacy was somewhat left behind. With the rise of so many data collectors out there – social media, wearables and autonomous vehicles to name a few, we see the world of security realizing the fact that privacy was not really addressed with these rising technologies. The EU announcement of the GDPR back in 2012 was simply the opening shot of data privacy. Since then almost every legislating and regulatory bodies in the world write the new rules of our privacy protection. Organizations these days face a tsunami of demands for privacy and those that will not be ready can be accused of negligence of the public’s interests and safety. In this part of the day we will talk about the rising demand for data privacy and the regulations we’ve seen so far and will analyse those that are quickly coming in the next couple of years. We will also give a basic toolset for those that would like to prepare themselves toward these coming requirements.


Overview of CISSP course and CISO training programs

Good training is based on hard work, partnership between trainers and trainees, and mutual respect of all involved parties. We bring everything we have to our training programs and create a unique and inspiring atmosphere in the professional sessions we hold. In this part of the day we will present our Executive CISO training program in cooperation with the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and the international cyber certifications of ISACA and (ISC)². Professional certificates like the CISSP, CISM, CRISC and many others will make a security professional to a globally recognized individual that is fluent in cyber executive approach and methodologies. Sharing our knowledge and supporting our trainees in their growing cyber career path is one of our greatest passion and we’re sure you’ll feel that atmosphere in the air.


Open discussion regarding topics of interest of participants

We aim all sessions to be interactive and encourage you all to take an active part in them, but we would also like to reserve this last hour of the day to let you have an open discussion with our cyber experts and be able to freely raise topics we might have missed and would be interesting to all during the day.